Some of the best educational apps for kids are apps that help them learn to read. After all, reading is a critical skill for school and life afterward. Building literacy skills is critical for children of all ages. If you’ve got kids that need help focusing on their reading skills, why not try one of these top educational apps for learning to read?

  1. iWriteWords. If you’re looking to help your child learn to write words, this app is one of the best educational apps for kids. While writing and reading are different skills, learning to write can help kids learn their letters, which can help them learn to read. As we’ve said before, this app can help even the youngest children learn to write.
  2. Bob Books. The Bob Books reading apps are fantastic for kids who are just getting started with reading. Kids can start learning phonics, spelling and even full words very simply and easily with this bright and colorful childrens app.
  3. Reading Raven. Reading Raven is a perennial favorite of kids and parents alike. This may truly be the best app for education, at least when it comes to learning to read. The fun, educational games can become more challenging, so that your child can use this app from their very earliest reading adventures up through first or second grade.
  4. Word Magic. Kids who are learning to read often need to focus on beginning and ending sounds. Word Magic is an educational app that offers short words with a missing sound or letter. Kids need to select the sound that fills in the word. You can use shorter words for younger kids, and move up to longer words for older children.
  5. Duck Duck Moose Reading. We reviewed this app back when it was called “Kindergarten Reading”. Even though the name has changed, this app is still fantastic. It offers plenty of animal-themed reading mini-games to engage your youngster in learning to read.
  6. The Monster at the End of this Book. This kids’ classic storybook translates well to the digital age. Kids can interact with all the obstacles Grover puts in their way to discover the secret about the monster. This storybook app brings new life to an older childrens book and helps engage kids in reading the story.
  7. Language Empires. Although this app is meant for older children, it’s a great tool for learning to read. Language Empires teaches more sophisticated skills for early readers, beyond simple phonics. It helps them learn things like predictive reading and figurative language – areas that can be tricky for beginning readers.
  8. Endless Alphabet. One of our favorite top educational apps is Endless Alphabet. The adorable music and sound effects combined with great graphics make this a favorite. Although the game is simple, kids love playing with the letters and solving these interactive puzzles. Along the way, they learn about spelling and vocabulary in a gentle environment.
  9. abc PocketPhonics. Learning phonics is a great first step for kids who are learning how to read. When children can “sound out” words, they may be better able to determine how to spell and pronounce new words. This app helps them learn phonics, letter writing and first words.
  10. Wubbzy apps. You already know that we’re huge fans of Cupcake Digital’s Wubbzy apps. In fact, it’s hard to pick just one when it comes to the best educational apps for kids. If you’re looking to engage young children in reading a story and learning about letters, these apps are fantastic. Plus, each app comes in three modes, so children can have the book read to them or even read and play on their own (with words read aloud when tapped).